Last weekend four of us from the X9 Owners club rode down to Minehead to do a Recce for next month’s annual bash.

From Minehead we rode up to and around Exmoor on a route that gave us 100 miles of pure biking bliss.

The roads are just built for riding, more twisties than you can shake a stick at, cliff top roads, spectacular scenery and nearly empty lanes.

We enjoyed it so much that on the Sunday rather than ride straight back to London we went out and did it all again.

By the time I got back via the blizzard on the M25 I’d clocked up 550 miles.

Can’t wait to get back down there in May for the third time around the route.


if you went on the minehead- lynmouth route I agree entirely with you :slight_smile: the A377 barnstaple to exeter road is a pretty route as well

Watch out for the sheep, may sound funny but in the spring, late evening /early morning the little buggers are still asleep on the road as it retains some warmth through the night.

Have to agree about the roads they are absolutly stunning, but can be busy.

and the ponies …or is that dartmoor?

There are ponies on Exmoor, but much more of it is cultivated agricultural land and the ponies tend to be in fields. the areas where the sheep run wild are in general too barren for ponies.

I think Dartmoor is more famous for it’s “Dartmoor Ponies”, but you do get them on Exmoor as well, although not as many. Some excellent roads on Dartmoor though, used to spend a lot of time there when I was a teenager. Would be worth a tip down for a weekend;)

u do get exmoor ponies aswell ,
look i found em :

ive camping sumwhere …cant remember whether it was exmoor or dartmoor though :s

I stand corrected;) My humblest appologies for assuming that you were having a blonde moment:P

Saw the sheep, plenty of Lambs already as well. We came across a few on the road but nowhere near as many as I encountered on The Cat & Fiddle last year. jj

yeah for once i wasnt :stuck_out_tongue: