Exit through the gift shop

Saw a good film about graffiti (and Banksy) “exit through the gift shop” on the plane


Heard about this and want to see it - like the backing track too


its not bad…i do hope its not all ‘Street Art’ ie stencils etc, proper graffiti is like this…

Banksy does his things and he is old skool, but at the moment within the graf world he is not a very popular dude!:wink:



i think taggin looks like sh1t…fkin awfull…give me something too look at ffs…not just aload of ol bullsh1t scribble…


Seems a bit silly for such a new art form such as graffiti to be getting all uppity about the way it is supposed to be done.

Ok its been around a few decades, but this isn’t like oil painting which has been around for a few centuries or sculpure which has been around a few millenia. It graffiti for crying out loud.

If you can’t be inventive and creative with graffiti, then frankly what is the point of it? It is just defacing walls isn’t it? People who moan about old school graffiti and the way it is supposed to be done are somewhat warping what it was all about in the first place.

Probably started making money from it, that is usually when people start talking about the way it is supposed to be done, when they are the ones doing it that way and earning money for it.

There is that, then there is the Media manipulative genius of the man… it is as you say “just defacing walls” yet he’s turned it into a moneyspinner, that has meeja Wnaka’s wetting themselves in

Sounds like he’s got a good grasp of what’s needed to succeed… good luck to him I say.

every form of graffitti evolved through the first form…tagging.

its not getting uppity, graf is graf…stencils are stencils…simple as that.

the point of it?..doen it to death on here…bottom line is its vandalism…the other line is it gives some a voice…an escape…and a diffrent sude of them…and not everyone can do it…well do it well that is, testing yourself i graf can push further in life, it shows you what is possible when you really want to do something…

lots of peopel make money from it. normally people that have payed there dues…and been up at some point.

kids with spray cans:rolleyes: