Exhausts - Legal advice...

The B-King’s a lovely bike… when you get rid of those awful cans!!! There was a lovely turbo model at the NEC, with the cans removed… now that was sexy!

I’m going to have a look at my can tomorrow, I have a street triple with an arrow 3-into-1 race system with no baffle (i know its not legal), to see if it’s ‘stamped’? (dont think it is)

Not had any trouble before - i commute past police on a daily basis, but as the guys say, [translated] dont go being an arse with loud cans where its innappropriate - there’s plenty of places to let rip!

Ride safe.

I think thats the key thing really, you can have a illegal can as long as you don’t ride past a cop shop at 10,000 revs, or on one wheel. There is a time and place to make noise and its the ones who forget that, that get into trouble!

Yeah the ones at the show looked good (scorpian, Two brothers and the turbo one that was a straight pipe cut off at the engine :w00t:) and would sound a lot better, all hybusas I have heard with loud pipes have been sweet…

Let us know when you have got em on!!

You should hear my Triumph Sprint RS with it’s not too subtle race can… Proper Triumph Race can and rather fruity at that!! Woooohoooo!

Yep I think Triumphs are the best sounding bikes bar none. (Ex Speed Triple Owner).

Hmm , matter of taste I guess, I remember a rather tasty sounding SP-1 that used to roll passed my old house with a very nice set of after market cans attached, used to rattle the windows in my flat, plus his mate had a nice sounding TL and my mates old 916 complete with full system & Termigioni cans, now that sounded gorgeous! :smiley:

But I can understand why you want to change yours, that poor thing sounds awful strangled by the factory system, or rather doesn’t sound at all! :wink:

I believe LondonDRZ has Yoshi pipes he bought from the states for exactly the same reasons…Personally, i think you can probably find an equal (quality and price) alternative over here, by choosing to go with somone other then Yoshi… but thats just my opinion…

Slightly conflicting with experiences above - I had a Micron can on a CBR I used to have that was stamped ‘Not for road use’ and never had any problems at MOT time (think it went through three with it). The most I ever got was an advisory that the exhaust was a bit noisy, but I think even that was referring to imperfect join from the downpipes underneath.