Exhausts and MOTs

Hope you don’t mind me hijacking this thread. Just had a silly number plate light fail. I can’t find anything on the mot gig webshites or test criteria that even mentions a light. Presumably if I have one, it needs to work. So just take it off?


4.7 Rear registration plate lamp

4.7.1 Presence, condition and operation

You must inspect all motorcycles fitted with front and rear position lamps.

The rear registration plate must be lit. Most motorcycles will light the registration plate with a rear position lamp, but some will use a separate registration plate lamp.

Some registration plate lamps may be fitted behind the number plate.

Some mopeds might not have a registration plate lamp.

Defect Category
1. A rear registration plate lamp throwing direct white light to the rear Minor
2. A rear registration plate lamp or light source missing or inoperative:
1. when rear registration plate has 2 or more lamps or light sources Minor
2. when rear registration plate has only one lamp or all lamps not working Major
3. A registration plate lamp:
1. not securely attached Minor
2. likely to become detached Major

4.7.2 Compliance with requirements

You must inspect all motorcycles fitted with front and rear position lamps.

Registration plate lamps must switch on at the same time with the position lamps.

Defect Category
1. Rear registration plate lamp does not illuminate simultaneously with the position lamps Major

Yup, so if not fitted, no problem…

I have this installed - https://www.scproject-shop.com/suzuki_gsx_r_600_750_2012_gp_m2_e.htm

Sounds better than stock and is road legal. Not had any issues with MOT with baffle out.

My VFR just passed with a blown plate light bulb (since noticed and fixed), so you never know!

When I took my car for mot, he told me it was broken and just replaced it there and then… And this was a place that only does Mots

seeing as retests within 10 days are free he probably saved himself a lot of time making you come back

I got the SMT MOT’d last month, generally for motorcycles not much has changed.

See that’s the thing… I’m.not sure why an MOT place would fail you on something like that…

Secret is to stick to the same mot place every year,first couple of years i was getting pulled on silly things ,once they know you are gonna fix any fails yourself they seem to then discuss it with you and come to arrangements…example this year I had taken the rear seat cowl off as I wanted to strap a bag to bike at mot he come to see me about not having any rear footrests on(is a fail if you have rear seat)…explained to him and he simply said I will pass you just pop in when your coming past again with rear seat cowl fitted.:+1:

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number plate light never used to be an issue as motorcycles were not tested on it ( even if fitted and not working)
But it is a legal requirement.
So from MG post it is now a Mot requirement .

I presume the old way harks back to most numberplates were illuminated by the rear light unit anyway not seperate units as we see now

I think the rule here is to hunt around and find a good mechanic, get friendly, give him plenty of business and he’ll be helpful to you in return.

Personally I always go for the one man owned garages.

Agreed once they know you and the bike(s) and that you spend money with them regularly it goes a long way. I have rear sets on my Hornet and so cargo net a small rucksack containing a jumper over the rear of the seat. That works for the MOT.

In the same way that the requirement for a rear reflector harks back to the days before 60+ square inches of reflective number plate.