Exhaust ...... Yey, or ney?

Hi all.

Want to change the old STD exhaust on my '09 zx10r.

Have been offered an Abbtec MotoGP style exhaust from an old chum. He’s used it for his track zx10r (09) and/but doesn’t believe it’s road legal.

Apparently loud - but above all it looks gorgeous.

He advises you can get a baffle for it, but thinks that although it’ll make it little quieter it won’t make it road legal.

Worth there risk?

What’s the penalty?

I know it’ll needed to be changed back for the MOT.

Do it… most MOT places tend to look the other way !  I do not know of anyone who has been stopped due to loud pipes… you have to be really unlucky to get pulled unless being a loon and giving it the beans when stationary!

the motgp style cans are atrociously loud. you’ll get fed up with it pretty quickly.

My old bike had a really loud exhaust which was fun at the time. I loved the backfires. I’m a bit over that now though. It failed it’s MOT with the baffle out, but the baffle was with the bike so they put that in and passed it with a noise advisory.

Things to consider are whether you want to do track days as you’ll have to refit the stock exhaust to get through the noise test and also the noise might annoy you after a while.

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If it’s to loud just fit a db killer

I had a race for growler on my bike & it passed its MOT with a DB killer fitted 

And your last will be quoted as you will still have the cat fitted mines long gone 

I used to run a MotoGP style shorty carbon can on my '03 R1 and it would pass the MOT with an advisory with the db killer installed, they look nice and are light but the noise eventually got on my nerves after a few months of riding without earplugs though, maybe if you always ride with earplugs the noise won’t be an issue for you.

Then I got a stock can for it and now it starts quicker from cold in the morning, runs better at low/mid range revs, at high revs the exup valve kicks in anyway letting more gases through so…meh.

I run a stock air filter and don’t have a dyno setup power commander on my bike but it seems a lot of faffing about and £££ for a minimal power gain at the top end of the rev range.

I never got pulled over by the police when I used to run the loud can without the db killer but I made sure not to be above 4k rpm when I was going past a police car or bike.

>Worth there risk?
Up to you really.

>What’s the penalty?
no idea, I never got a penalty for it.

>I know it’ll needed to be changed back for the MOT.
You could fit the stock cans or fit the db killer for the MOT and take the advisory “loud exhaust”.

Check if the can has “not for road use” etched on it as some MOT places can kick up a fuss about it.

If its on a track bike it won’t be over 104dB anyway as most uk tracks have a noise limit. Go for it, and as Wise says, if it’s too loud get a dB killer

^^ What he said! ^^ Just wear earplugs.

The only thing I’d say, if your bike is quiet and you’re blasting through countryside, you’re less likely to be pulled over IMO.

Even if you’re just a bit over speed limit loud cans can make it sounds like you’re double the limit :smiley:

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I asked the same question to a policeman last year. This is the response;

“Alright mate, sorry for the late reply. Tbh a lot of cops don’t know what there looking for and that inc traffic cops. Most of the time they well look to see if it has a baffle/DB killer in it.
Cant speak for all cops but would like to think you will be fine mate.
Even if the worst came to the worst you will be given a VRDS (vehicle defect rectification scheme) form, which basically means you will have have to put standard exhaust back on get the bike mot’d and take the mot to a cop shop, then just change it over to the new one again.
But as I say mate they will have to be a right fecker to go down that road.”

I done the Bike safe course with the Met Police on a GSXR750 with a full Titanium Yoshimura Japan Race Exhaust, it sounded like thunder and popped and flamed on the over run, the copper i was with said it sounded Lovely!! lol

I’d consider how this can affect your neighbours, and your ears if you’re planning on commuting on it

Firstly thanks all for your comments. Appreciated as always.

Wise … no sheep, but rabbits are always smiling !!!

I’ve checked and as the can is bespoke made, it DOES NOT have the “for off-road use only” label. Yippee!

I’m just waiting to see whether it can be installed WITH or WITHOUT the cat. I’m aware from Wise (he who likes to contact me off-line … wink wink) that removal of the cat will lead to additional expense …

The response to ‘cat or no cat’ will then lead to my decision.

God my neighbor is going to ‘love’ me … !!! LOL


His update just received:

“I’ll have to check where the cat ends… mine has never had one since I’ve had it … so will look at the original pipes and where cat starts and finishes and then let you know … might not be until tomorrow as bike in workshop a few miles away”

Can’t you borrow it for a while to see how it sounds

If he’s never had a Cat it wont fit without a link pipe

Plus you need to see if your cat is part of the headers or if it is a mid section cat

Unless he had decat headers fitted

As long as you don’t go to the motorbike place just round the corner from the Royal Free Hospital in NW London, you should be fine!

Update … its NOT a slip on. As such I’d have to remove my Cat and then start all the debate about tuning, power commanders and the like. For me, I simply don’t think its worth the hassle.

However I have just found something similar, that’s a slip on, and thus make answer all my needs … watch this space