Exhaust systems

I was wondering about changing my exhaust system on the Burger to a full stainless steel system by Yoshimura. If i do this would i need the bike remapped and dyno-jetted.


if its a slip on you might get away with not dyno-ing it… but with a full system youd better get the scoot on the dyno :wink:

i wouldnt waste me money of it for a burgman.
dont mean that in a bad way just dont see the point.

Dont be so negative Chop!

i would john…will sound lovely, also it looks the dogs!

defo would need it re-mapped tho with a full system, SBK in E1 are very good, give rahlf a call and have a chat:)

probably improve the throttle response and mid range maybe too?

theres a few other options too:)



‘PROPER!’ you could blast out metallica!:smiley: