Exhaust rust removal

In need of an opinion.

Would it make a difference on the look or would it actually do damage if I used Hammerite Rust Remover. It should change the color a bit nicer.

I’m getting a bit tired of looking my rusty exhaust on my cb500 and been wondering if it would be worth painting with VHT paint, but I boubt if the paint would stay for long.

On my CB500 way back when… it had rusty headers… so i took them off and sanded them down to metal and then coasted them numerosus times with high temp paint before i sold it… looked luurvly… and prob didnt cost more than a few quid and can be done in an afternoon… plus time to dry etc.

Are they already painted black or are they natural metal ?

If Natural metal then I’ve heard that kitchen aluminium foil and vinegar brings them up a treat ??

They were painted black. Now only the exhaust has black paint, but the downpipes has rusted surface.

Yeah I’ve read about the vinegar trick (or ketchup), but I think its a bit innefficient for this job. I might show some wirebrush to the pipes, but I worry that it would be the end of the pipes.

Yuo’ll be surprised at what sort of sh!te the foil and vinegar brings up - give it a try , you’ve got nothing to lose :wink:

Only works on Stainless.

Get yourself a sandpaper disk for a drill, take of all the rust and left over paint and use VHT spray enamel from halfords. Can up lovely on my CBF500.

Or get some Motad Stainless downpipes.