Exhaust Noise

Afnoon all ,

me and me mate are about to sign up for a novice track day , but I am a tad worried about the DB restrictions. I currently dont have baffles in my exhaust and wondered is there anywhere to check out the levels ?

I dont want to go and sign up and loose me money because of something silly like that,

Advice appreciated.

What bike and what zorst are you talking about then?

Its my 1st which is a GSR600 with Scorpion cans no baffles.

I dont think its that loud but have nothing to guage it against !

only thing i can think of is either buying a decibel meter, or going down to your local garage and they should be able to check it out (they have to for the MOT)

Also depends on the day, most are 105db which is freakin’ loud and only if you had custom straight throughs would you get above that (or The Riot, which failed…)

quieter days are 101 or 98, I have a akro end can with no baffles on a GSXR750 and was measured at 101db so passed for even a quiet day…98db day and get some baffles made up.

Thank you , guess i was being over cautious !

Just worth pointing out that noise is a massive issue in the current climate. I fully expect those limits to be lowered over the next few years.

The last season I race supermoto, some of the tracks were limited to 98db.

In short, if you want to do UK track days, fit a zorst that takes a baffle.

Cheers for the heads up Pete , the day we signed up for is 105db.

I maybe cheeky and head over to essential and ask Mick to borrow his db meter !