Exhaust...Markings and insurance??

What is the Position with riding with a non standard can, and what markings should it have on it in order for the insurance company to recognise it???

Thoughts an suggestions greatly appreciated…


Bottom line - is it standard replacement from makers spec; or is it performance or asthetically enhancing your machine in any way - either way you should check before fitting as from previously being in this field of employment a few years ago it may invalidate cover as most are opposed to that sort of thing regardless of its markings!!

I think u can tell ure ins co. that u have a road legal can and provide the kite mark. It is then covered under the policy if ure fully comp.

If ure third party like me then it just doesnt invalidate ure insurance, i.e. if the bike is in an accident the fact u have an aftermarket can wont stop them from paying out.

The kite mark will be printed on the can mine (Blue fame evo 3) Is between the two ports.

It depends whether the insurance company classes it as a modification to the bike or not. It is your choice whether to tell the insurance company of a modification, however, in the unfortunate event of an accident regardless of fault, an insurance company may try as many tricks in the book to avoid paying out on the policy.

Dont quote me on this, but even with 3rd party (you are insuring other road users at the end of the day) if it is found that you are using “modified” machinery, that may invalidate your insurance rendering it null and void, effectively making it useless.

Insurance co’s are shrewd and if they can find a loop hole to prevent payout, I imagine they will use it, no matter how seemingly insignificant it may seem to you.

Hey am no expert, and am all for reducing premiums as much as possible, but at the end of the day, honesty is the best policy.

I let my insurance know about aftermarket cans added to my bike and also the power commander fitted and it didnt make any difference to my policy,but i suppose most companys are different,test the water first before you splash the cash .

Yeah, they probably wont affect the poilcy, but maybe the claim if you haven’t informed them… better safe than sorry.

I let my insurer know about it as well, the premium went up by about a fiver I think, well worth it, considering my exhaust, heh.