Exhaust Can Repair

Was just wondering if anyone knew anyone who would repair cans?

I had this lovely blueflame exhaust only a month or so and then i decided to lowside my bike its just the sleve that is damaged as far as i can see, the internals look ok from both ends. Really just want to get it repaired rather then buy a new can.


damaged exhaust.jpg

Ooops. The cost of repair might be more than the cost of a bargain on eBay, though it could be worth speaking to M9 Performance (he’s a member), he might have some advice.

Blueflame can supply the sleeve and maybe repair it for you. Give them a ding.

I don’t really want to send it to Blueflame as there the slowest companie on earth! it took 2 weeks for the can to turn up.

I’ll have a word with Mike when i see him up the ace, I still have to talk to him about a fairing repair lol.

I might have a look on ebay because I have the link pipe just need a slip on can.

On the same subject. I’ve got a carbon fibre akrapovic that could do with a new sleeve, anybody have any ideas as to who could repair it and how much? In my mind it’s written off, therefor it would be repaired for sale.

project9928, what honda have you got? I’ve got a cbr6 can in the celler if it’s any use.

Midlife, I believe the Akrapovic repair kit is about £100, which comes with a new sleeve, ring-pieces and other parts I forget. PerformanceMotorcycleParts sell it, and so do BikeHPS.com I believe. I looked into it when I had a damaged Akra.

“I’ve got a cbr6 can in the celler if it’s any use”

I know someone looking for one thats non standard. Can you tell me more about it…cost, look, what model is it for…etc

Cheers Jay, it might be worth repairing.

Snap, it’s an OEM can, brand spanking new, never used, for a FY think it’ll also fit a FX. Guess he won’t be interested. I’ve also got a standard screen for the same bike.

Yeh he’s after a non standard one. Thanks anyways.


Your not going to belive this but i’m just about to put a Blue Flame Evo end can on ebay today.
Make me a good offer and it’s yours. I dont know what bike it fits though, i had two of them already sold one on ebay.

They used to belong to mr Tubular Bells but he said they were to noisey, The can has been put on a bike and started a few times and that’s it.
the can measures 490mm approx excluding the double pipes and connecting pipe, the diamiter on the connecting pipe is approx 50 - 52mm.
If yo want it theres a few other pieces of pipe work that maybe OK for you bike, again I dont know what pipe work these are from.
immaculate condition, if you want come over and take a look, i’m in Surrey.



OOOOOOOOOOO I’ll give you £80 mrgee I have the link pipe all ready so fitting it to my bike won’t be a problem. If that offer is ok I can come and have a look sunday or monday next week.

Will you recognise him? His reflection on the can is a bit obscure…

Hi ,I was really hoping to get more basically £100 and it’s yours. If this is OK with you then at the mo, Monday would be better. Sunday i.m out but this could change.

Will you recognise him? His reflection on the can is a bit obscure…

Luckily it was fully clothed, could have been a lot worse… Unless it was you GoF of course, lovely, er, VFR

heheh, I know how to take pictures… I got a City + Guilds in Photography.

The first problem is it is a male in the reflection, this should have been a female.


“I got a City + Guilds in Photography.”

So, with your skills, surely you could wrap a reflection your RSV’s very shapely topbox around the can, thereby putting at least £20 on the price . . . .

Dude, I have read both you posts here…

I don’t get your humour… are you replacing parts of the body with parts of bikes?

or it is something else I am missing.

“you can get that renthal clip-on and shove it in your Tripple’s down pipes…?”

is that right?

Naaah, just referring to the “ebay phenomenon” of people who accidentally - or not - manage to include their wobbly bits in refelections of goods for sale. The young lady in your avatar is in my eyes, highly qualified for this kind of thing and would surely add £££s to the finished price of any can sold with her reflection on … Hope you understand, as the clip-on/downpipe business sounds painfull :wink:

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Thanks mate will see you monday for the exhaust