exhaust and insurance

I know this is likely going to be one of those “check with your insurer” type threads but wanted to check whether or not cans were declared. My understanding was that if undeclared they simply wouldn’t pay out for them, just standard exhausts… But would they invalidate insurance?

I’m certainly not suggesting this happens as it would be fraudulent and I’m not down with that kind of caper, but if you had a crash and the bike was returned to your home; if the aftermarket exhaust happened to fall off and a standard one appear in its place… What happens then? :w00t:

i declared mine and they said it dont make any difference to my policy

Anything other than a completely standard bike as it was out of the factory needs to be declared. If you dont declare it they can probably try and find a loop hole not to pay out. But as mentioned above, providing the bike isnt taken from the scene straight to the insurers standard exhaust cans have been known to have no damage on them after an accident as they are made of magic stuff

The problem being all these modifications make the mo’cycle more likely to be targeted by thieves and therefore a greater risk which attracts a greater premium.

They seem to want to know if the system increases power by more than 5 BHP.
Some are picky some have no clue and some wink over the phone and say “power commander, well that`s just improve fuel efficiency”

Same here but they state any replacement would be standard kit. Was advised not to declare on comparison sites as some will not quote you, once you have results phone the best offers as most will not charge morer unless they are performance mods.

Keep on meaning to do it haven’t yet. When I checked it didn’t make a difference. I only get an extra 2 bhp out of the power commander.

I declared mine on my old bike and they said it didn’t influence the premium as it didn’t change the power. I’d declare it regardless as if they can find a way not to pay out they will use it.

If it has no EU Stamp on it then don’t declare it… I declared mine on the R1 as it has a removable baffle… However without the baffle inserted the EU approval is not valid…

Just insured my bikes and was allowed up to 5 mods on each. In regards changing the exhaust, the options were for cosmetic… performance… or combination of the two. Didn’t declare at first but went back and edited mods and this had no effect on the quote given.

Cheers folks… :smiley: