Excuse me while I boast for a second

I just had a SUPERB weekend at the GP. Was there thurs until today.

Thurs night I took my helmet into the paddock and went on my annual Rossi mission with Tash and Jay, saw him dining in his hospitality and waited for him, the lovely guy working in there even bought us out ice cream while we waited He came out at about 2230 and signed my Rossi rep lid that was still covered in flies from Cadwell He also signed Tashs jeans and wrote the number 46 on some special little stones jay got for us LOL

Jay… wheres the photos hun? (I know your probably a bit busy for the next few days tho)

The next day I decided I was going to get that lid laquered and keep it but not for track or road use so… I BOUGHT ANOTHER ROSSI REP Its a lovely one too, another special Mondello one he had done. Silly sod me gets rather tipsy (again:rolleyes and decided to try my luck again… low and behold after seeing him go into some offices I sit and wait for him… and wait… and wait… 2 and a half hours later he comes out and signs my sexier brand new one I thought about getting another again for the road but kicked myself up the arse and held back on the credit card this time, although…

Fri night we all go back into the paddock to sample the delights of Redgate bar, this time joined by Andrew too. I just had to walk past Rossi hospitality again and guess what… he’s in one nearby so we sit and wait for him again… although I didn’t have anything for him to sign apart from my pass and so he ended up doing that (now I wished I’d got another helmet again lol) I told him he was my hero and it was overheard by a guy who works for Eurosport in Hungry… lovely fella (apart from when he embarrased me by telling the others what he heard me say to Rossi ) he came and talked to us for quite a while.

It was a great weekend, Tash done lots of networking and was a brolly dolly for a guy in Superstock, Jay and Andrew were just bloody hillarious all weekend apart from when I was left to guard the camera lenses when everyone around me invaded the track after the race… yes, including Andrew I spent the weekend suffering sun stroke… or was I just intoxicated?.. mmm I can’t really remember! Oh and thanks to the wonderful Dennis Hobbs (BSB racer) who works for Scott Leathers too, I somehow talked myself into being fitted up for a set of made to measure leathers which should arrive in about 6 weeks Been offered trackday fairings and harris rearsets (which I’m thinking about buying) and got another knox protector just for next weeks trackday… jeeeez its been a VERY expensive weekend for me but hey, its been great and thats what lifes about

Looks like I missed some … errrm fun? on here?

Well done mate, sounds like you had a top weekend and with the souvenirs it sounds well worth the credit card bill.

I think the fun you had was a bit better than the ‘fun’ going on here !

Smiley overload

I spent 96hours drunk in Croatia surrounded by gorgeous Croatian girls.

Hmm, tough call I know where
I’d rather have been!

Sounds like a top weekend though LM

nice one to jay and fox and the team for wicked coverage and pics of the even…

thanks guys.

It was bloody marvellous, I had an absolutely great time, despite all the hard graft that we had to do to get coverage and look after ourselves with that heat, crap food, crap washroom facilities, grumpy Dorna staff and the rest. The pics are coming, it’s taken ages sorting out the good ones, we took over 3,000 high-quality pictures and I’m just trying to get a percentage of that online asap.

There’s already a couple of galleries, with more to come over the next two days. The Rossi pics will come in time, LMRR For now, I have to prepare for a date with destiny tomorrow and try and get back into working life. AWESOME races, love GP big time!

Good luck with the obvious Jay and get the site stuff sorted first, no rush for my photos.

OH girl !!! You have had a blast these past few weeks !!! Jealous or WHAT !!! Go girl…it sounds like you ALL had a real good un !!!

Cant wait to see you so you can tell us all about it? You goin Cubana Weds? Nice story, although expensive one me thinks ?? Still, like you said…only live once girl… Oh i love it when someone actually has a good, fun, no crap day/weekend !!

LMRR you nutter

thanks for saturday had an absolute blast… pity i had to work sunday…

but hey what fun…

Good to see you on Saturday, and I particularly admired Andrew’s impeccable taste in shorts

Got some video to upload at some point. Although sadly the clip in the garage is not going to be posted anywhere at the request the guy from Yamaha… damn shame tho, me next to no.46 sporting LB T shirt and of course wearing Andrews shorts

Glad to hear that LMRR had a great time. Shame about the expense but hey, I bet it was worth it. Good to hear that Andrew and Co. looked after you ok as well.

The pictures that I have so far seen have been awesome, big well done to the crew who were up there.

Yes those shorts, despite a large (and unwarranted) amount of abuse, stood the test well

£8 from Tesco’s is a bargain in anyone’s book, although after counting another 3 people wearing them I bought another pair for Sunday/Monday

It was a great weekend, and I’m glad I went despite Dorna letting us down with the press passes. 3 nights sleeping in the car has sadly taken it’s toll, but hey I’m still kicking

I’ll put some pics up in a minute

Guys, I told you you should have got in touch.

I was there, I was in Paddock I was in posession of a huge tent and barbecue and lager we had a blast (me and a couple of mates from Manchester and Bristol). If I’d known I could have sorted you out and you wouldn’t have had to sleep in the car either. I got the 2 guys I was with guest passes to pitlane for the R6 events, and mysteriously the passes covered us with security for everything else. Blindin weekend eh… and Rossi’s ride back to the front was a stormer!

Roll on next year, back for another blast.

Have to admit to a touch of jealousy bouyt those lids and Rossi though top marks for effort and resuts!

Ah well, but I don’t remember you saying that was an option!! Oh well, alls well that ends well.

J&T had passes, and I scrounged a trader’s pass off LMRR’s mate so it wasn’t too bad (ie paying to get in)

Ah Tobi, we didn’t see you in the Paddock, and we were in and out all the time! Shame, must swap numbers next time.

Don’t try and play it down, you were immensley proud of those shorts!



and don’t tell me you’ve got a ‘surprise’ shot of me in them have you…

No, what do you take me for, some kind of weird stalker?

(only because I didn’t think of it!)

Actually I have, also wearing MY PINK TOP too

What will you pay for me not to post it??? mmmmm lmao

This is getting worrying now, Andrew wearing dodgy shorts and a Pink Top carefully donated by LMRR. So who’s undies was he wearing then?