Exclusive LB Trackdays 2009

Brands Hatch Indy CircuitWednesday 6th MayTuesday 25th AugustSnetterton (Cancelled)Tuesday 11th AugustJoin Us!

After the enormous success of the last years LB trackdays at our local circuit; Brands Hatch in April and July (despite the rain on both occasions), we’repleased to be able havemoreLBTrackdays than ever this year.This time though we have the track exclusively for ourselves as long as we can get enough members on board for each group.We will be running other dates but not as Exclusive events.Full Details + Booking Info www.motorsportvision.co.uk/londonbikers

Special LB price? :smiley:


PS… Tightwads need not apply:P

Perhaps there is no need to, but we will anyway.


thanks chunky ill be there for sure :slight_smile:

LB have never done an exclusive track day and never will get enough riders to do one, you may as well just book a track day through the normal channels :slight_smile:

Not quite true Mark. Last years were LB Exclusive but due to them being short notice they weren’t very well subscribed and spare slots were opened to the general public.

This time it’s different, we are working with MSV to make this a better trackday experience.

Combining the £20 Trackday Taster Sessions and better notice and planning we hope to see more members than ever enjoying track time this year.

There was plenty of notice given last year and you could still book direct with MSV (therefore not exclusive)

You can also book the taster sessions direct with MSV

What is the benefit of Booking on the LB day as the price will be the same

Anyone doing their 1st track day can get discount with Focused events :slight_smile:

It would be good to see an exclusive LB trackday but don’t advertise it as one if it’s not going to happen :slight_smile:

LB Exclusive Trackdays will be booked through MSV and marketed by them as LB Trackdays.

Did I mention the cost?:wink:

Thats what was supposed to happen last year but anyone could still book direct

Two people had already asked about price and were called tightwads :slight_smile:

That was a joke;)Details will be posted as soon as they are firmed up.:cool:

does arnie know your using his bike to advertise these events??? :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

I was going to use a pic of your Gixxer but couldn’t find a picture of it in one piece;):P:D

you didnt look very hard did ya. look @ the bottom of this post and youll find one with not just one gixer but two gixers YOU PLANK!!! :stuck_out_tongue: :D:P


Tightwads’ revenge! :wink:

I thought your Gixer was orange for trackdays:cool:

it was but i`ve sold them panels now so its standard gixer blue and white.still got plenty of trackday photos.


let us know when they take a good one of you :stuck_out_tongue:

B!TCH!!! :P:D:D