Excited Much??????? Possibly meeting Marc Marquez!!!!!


My bike’s got an engine cut-out if it goes over that far as it thinks it’s about to be binned!

(Which with me on it at that angle it’s about to be).


Oh my god!!!

I just met him!!! I’m lost for words!! Had to take a young lads crash Helmet to him to get personally signed!!!

He is a really nice bloke. Hopefully get some pictures later.

Ooh congrats! :stuck_out_tongue: tell us everything! How did he smell? Haha

It gets better, my job is to stand with his bike and stop anyone getting near it!!:w00t:

you gotta get a selfie of you sitting on it…

Oh yes please do that and the trout pout too :kiss:

Wasn’t allowed to sit on it but will this do??

Can you bump start it? :Whistling:

And just for you Alba

Nice one! :w00t:

Nissin brakes, though… Not his… God, I’m sad!

I’ll get me coat :Whistling:

It’s OK I noticed it too, but I also noticed the camera mount was wrong too, and it had 2 scoops up front rather than 1. I asked the Honda guy and he laughed, rumours were it was either bautistas or haydens bike.

I also got a bow and smile of thanks for watching the bike from the HRC vice president, Mr nakamoto

I think I saw you in one of his Instagram photos :slight_smile:

thanks dude! :smiley:

to be perfectly honest, i would have been more excited by the chance to have a chat with Ross Noble, he’s an absolute genius.

there is the full picture, apparently you were not the only one there yesterday :smiley:

lol, I was talking to Ross Noble Loads, there i am just inbtween him and Craig Doyle

you look like a kid with new shoes on those pics :smiley:

Nice one :slight_smile: great pic, but I was half expecting an umpa lumpa to be stood next to him… :hehe:

I didn’t think you were there Ruth

Nice work Sammy! V jealous :slight_smile: