Excited Much??????? Possibly meeting Marc Marquez!!!!!

As some of you know i Work for BT, Every now and then i do Volountary work for them (Answering calls for Children in need, Soccer Aid etc) but recently i have been doing work for BT Sport in the BT Sport studios. I’m doing the MOTOGP Tonight show for the British GP, it’s being Filmed on Tuesday and the special Guest is Marc Marquez!!! we aren’t allowed to ask for Signatures or Photo’s as we have to remain Professional but part of our role is to ensure the Guests get from the Cars to there dressing rooms and then onto the studio Floor. I’ve not had that role yet so it could be my Time!!

Even if it’s not my time i will still be up close and personal to the guests. I’m really excited!!!

WOW, I hope you get the role!!

Let me know if you need an native Spanish interpreter :cool:

Bollox to that Moon Marquez on TV & il promise donate to great Ormond street

Nice one! Hope you get the chance! I’m sure the guy is good fun.

You mean I can’t give you my new marquez shoei to get signed… Not interested now! :laugh:

I’d love to get me Bum out on TV but not sure my work would appreciate it!! lol.

It’s OK, i know the most important phrase in Spanish… una más cerveza, por favor :slight_smile:

Good luck mate! :w00t:

P’s, please don’t give him my new number, I had change it cause he kept pestering me for a go on my bike! :angry:

I’m pretty sure his signature on all of our helmets is more important than your job :smiley:

It’s OK, he has asked me if i can show him some Cornering Techniques, so he won’t need to call you this time.

ask him if he could get an autograph of Rossi for me :smiley:

The REAL legend, not the new boy!!


& don’t forget to tell him the results of our “is Marc Marquez the best of all time” poll, that it’s too early to tell if he’s the best yet :stuck_out_tongue:

lol, If i get to meet him i will direct him here and see if he wants to join up :slight_smile:

He come on one of our rides :smiley:

you never know, stranger things have happened!! lol

Have you dug out your fave VR46 T-shirt to wear for the day yet?


Lol, unfortunately I have to wear a BT sport tshirt so people know who we are and in case we are seen on camera

Is it still going ahead tomorrow? Have you got your list of questions rehearsed just in case you happen to ‘accidentally’ bugger up the lifts and get trapped with the young whipper snapper for an hour or two?

Yes all still on, I’ve got to be there at 5:15pm

Question 1…60 degree lean angles??? Are you human???