Excited & Imobilised

Here’s a funny tale, I hope you learn from my costly mistake.

After riding the dirt bike all through winter, coming back to the sportsbike now that the weather is (supposidely) picking up means my friends and I are rusty on these heavier and faster machines, so we thought we’d take a nice ride through some countryside twisties, near Aylsebury.

I wore a new hoody over my leathers to keep me warm, and for some reason, broke my routine and put the alarm fob in the front pocket of this new top, which had two zips, filled up at a petrol station on the way, and we rode off. After fifty brilliant miles, we stopped off somewhere to have a chat and the like, and just as the alarm auto-armed, I had that sinking feeling that I couldn’t find my alarm fob. Of course, I’d put it in the outer pocket of this new top and had forgotten to do up one of the zips! The fob had been sucked out somewhere along the way. The bike is completely imobilised, with no way of removing it.

A lot of searching of the area, a very dissapointing call to the RAC who wouldn’t help me(!) and then another realisation that I didn’t have a spare fob to even go and get, as I’d lost it not too long ago whilst moving house, eek. More phoning around gets me the number of the only recovery company in the south east who can, and low and behold, it’s a 1.5hr waiting time and £180 fee. I nearly fainted at the cost, but what could I do!

This is by far the most expensive ride I have ever been on. Even touring to the continent, catching ferries, filling up and the like doesn’t come close to this cost! Unbelievable. Please learn from my mistake and always make sure you have a spare alarm fob, and that you don’t break your personal routine of managing bike essentials. Bugger, that’s blown out a few plans for the month, though thank-god I have two bikes.

Here’s a couple of snaps from the night, nothing amazing, but it was meant to be a riding night, not a standing-around night.

sorry to here about yuor loss … but i kind of no what you mean as i have lost a phone and my wallet with all my cards in so far … it makes you feel sick

Thanks. I had the same sick feeling, and I nearly WAS sick, when I discovered a bike I used to own was stolen. This recovery cost me a lot of wonga, we then took the alarm out another day, and a couple of weeks later I sold the bike to a friend and the alarm was re-attached and a new fob programmed. Shame I didn’t have those skills

Thank-you, the cup of tea would have been nice Rod! Wiser… yeah, that’s the hope with all this. You win on the cost front, hands-down!

Put the fob on a neck strap. The only way of losing it is to have your head cut off - works for me. Always know exactly where it is.

Sorry you lost yours and went through the painful process of trying to get it recovered. If only I had known I could have picked it up for you in my van.