Excess insurance.

looking into a new bike, but the insurance quotes seem to have about £1500 excess (on a £3k bike)

I’ve heard of using excess insurance, and this site seems to cover me for £1000 of the excess for £48 pound. having never heard of this im a bit dubious, anyone used excess insurance before, know where to get some, or if the site above is good?


I had it on mine through an add-on MCE were offering… right scam as it meant they ramped up the excess and then sold it on to you. However the deal was very similar - £50 to cover my excess (excess was £850). Not sure how likely I would be to trust another company, especially one with a website that **** but principle is the same.

But it did make sense when I had to claim - Because I wasn’t claiming against a bike or other road user, it was good to know that I wouldn’t have to pay any excess if I couldn’t find the appropriate party. Never had to use it in the end as the farm coughed up the money but on all my calls they always said “oh I see you have this on your policy, so you won’t have to pay for anything”.

Excess will change dramatically based on the type of bike, or so I saw when I was looking to buy mine. Good luck

the policy is with MCE, but they haven’t mentioned anything about excess insurance.

have found another company offering it, though with a more genueine feeling website

There are a few companies that offer excess insurance… Just a word of warning though, if you make a claim on your own policy you will have to pay your excess for that claim, then make another claim on your excess policy to recover the excess. You can usually only make one claim on your excess policy too, so check that also.

Hi Lads

Just wanted to thank everyone on here, we didn’t realise we could insure our excess after having two bikes stolen in short succession we were almost uninsurable unless we agreed to a horrendous excess limit. So I’ve just insured with Bike-excess.com who are underwritten by AXA and now feel tons easier having this in place. Thanks again LB to the rescue again!