Excess Electrical Capacity for 55w Heated Vest on 2006 Honda CBR600RR

I’m looking to hook up a 55w heated vest to my 2006 Honda CBR600RR. Does anyone know what the Excess Electrical Capacity is for this particular bike? Or has anyone managed to run something that draws roughly 55w/5amps from their CBR/sportsbike?

The powerlet site only gives this particular model 1 star which means it should be able to run a vest of around 40w but would like another source to back this up.

I’m not running any other accessories apart from stock (ie. no gps, etc).


Put your bike on main beam and test to see if the battery is still charging and giving a good output
If it is the vest should be ok
The main beam will draw more current than the vest so what you are doing is checking by putting a load on the system
Unless you live out in the sticks you won’t be using the main beam hardly any time if at all

That’s a great idea! I believe the main beam is also 55w. I’ll check this in the next few days.

Assuming the bike can handle all its lights main beam 55W, dip beam 55W, side lights 10W, tail/brake light 26W and hazard lights 84W that totals 230W! Why worry about an extra 55W for the vest?

A 30 amp main fuse should be able to handle about 400W at 13.x V

Those Honda voltage regulators… Heard some stories of them going kaput with only a few additional accessories!

It’s not just Honda ask any triumph or GSXR owner

Ask me what - fitted a MOSFET reg on my GSXR for peace of mind.

Haha! Think I will just invest in a good set of thermals and save myself the worry (especially since I don’t plan on riding too much over winter). Thanks for your responses.

I enjoy the dry sunny days in winter, no bugs and the bike seems to run better. Ideal for a short couple of hours blast.

For thermal under layers get on down to Aldi, you’ll have to wait until spring for their motorcycle clothing offers. A compression top & bottom plus a base layer top & bottom plus a pack of extra long motorcycle socks, all in any colour you like as long as its black with red piping, will set you back £44.95, a proper toasty warm bargain.

Great tip! Thanks!

Decathlon or Aldi/Lidl for thermals is the way to go… motorcycle brands are a proper rip off and they deliver the same.

I’ve never tried a motorbike-specific one, but some of the posher ones are better than the £10 Sports Direct specials. Mostly they take longer to start smelling bad, but I’ve a Berghaus one that somehow remains warm even when it’s completely wet.

I used Under Armour - have done for Rugby for a while… so sticking with the brand I know :slight_smile: