Excellent maintenance videos from Partzilla

I just happened upon these because I browse for CBR600RR videos. They are outstanding and there is no BS or sponsorship plugs.

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It gives an idea of ‘how to’ and to be fair its better than many of the ‘how to’ YouTube videos out there but it falls short of excellent, I’d give it no more than 5 out of 10.

Excellent would have been to include the use of a shield when removing the oil filter, the use of a torque wrench and torque settings for the oil filter and drain plug, replacing the drain plug washer. Since the idea is to save yourself a decent amount of change in not taking it to the dealership why bother with over priced Honda branded engine oil and filter?

Maybe, “Excellent by YouTube standards.” is a better assessment. On the video about changing the oil filter they conveniently didn’t show removing the most difficult tank cover bolts. So yes not perfect but better than most.