Excell Thursday 1st Feb

Anyone riding up to Excell Thursday morning from South London?

Dont really know my way there so hoping to find someone to ride with that does

Shall be going on saturday, but for your reference make your way to the A13 / A406 round-a-bout and it is sign posted from there.

Or you could go Beckenham, Catford, Lewisham, Greenwich, Blackwall tunnel, A13 follow signs for Royal docks & Excel

Nothing wrong with your route SV, but he’s just got his passport for our side of the water

I’m riding in from Catford, but er… on Sunday. If you can do Sunday, you’re welcome to tag along!

I`m going there by train.

Friday for Eddy & me; it’s his day off and his bike needs an airing.

Anyone going on Sunday? maybe we could meet up at Becton first?


Cheers for the advice peeps, Im sure I’ll find it

We are going Sunday too.

The best people go on Thursdays

And I am going too before anyone says it !!

I second that

Yup, ticket booked. See you there, or not as the case may be.

what time are you leaving thursday morning nuts?

Yep i might pop up there thurs too, as said in other post will be there working sat/sun from midday ish, come say hi, on the motorcycle gifts stall.

On thurs if ya see me outside b4 i go in and ya buy your ticket say hi if i on me own i migth be able to get you in for nowt, i say might.

I not paying anyway, lol.

Probably leave here around 9.30-10 ish after trafic has died down a bit. Why, you going too? Give me a shout if you want, you’ve still got my moby I take it.

sorry mate not able to make it now