Excel Centre MCN Motorcycle Show 12th Feb

I’ve just been given a ticket. Is anyone else going this day? :grin::grin::grin:

I won’t be able to make that day if I get a free ticket :rofl:

Oh, free tickets. Where from?

My eldest daughter. Hasn’t she give you guys one yet?

I thought she said not to mention that…

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Just booked to go with my girlfriend on the 13th :raised_hands:

Funny that because she’s going with me on the 12th :rofl:


So, has anyone been?

I’m in two minds about going tomorrow. I do have a free day, but was pretty disappointed by the NEC offering & the Excel show is usually even less impressive, so not sure if it’s worth spending £23 on?

I enjoyed it today.

Take some mates.

Went on Friday, i did a loop and thought i was finished in a couple of hours. Had lunch and went back in and saw a bunch I had missed, was there till 4