excel bike show sun

have a good day all u going today…look out for the elusive barro who will b making an apearance


Just given my two tickets away to a deserving cause:cool:

i’ll be on my way as soon as the missus gets up…

Total SPANNER here, too much falling down water last night, overslept and never made it :slight_smile:

It’s not too late yet Steve, from what i hear it only takes 35 minutes to go round anyway;)

What time does it shut? You need only get there 45mins before then :P;)

LOL I gave him an extra 10 'cos you said he was slow on his pins :smiley:

cobblers to both of ya !! take longer to ride there than go round by sound of it :slight_smile:

I had a bike like that once;):P:D

it’s official total waste of time free tickets helped

Just got in from the Show.
We had a whale of a time - only downsides were it was a bit busy because it’s the weekend and the Bagel shop was closed!

I really can’t see what people are complaining about - what do they go for except to find out what * isn’t* there?

All the major Bike Manufacturers were present or represented, there were dozens of stands with the whole spectrum of gadgets and performance parts, the usual stuff like Mer and visor cleaners and clothing and helmets to suit everyone.

Although Honda hadn’t got a big Swing on the stand (something I was especially interested in) , one of the Honda bods took me outside to the bike-park and let me swarm all over his.
Suzuki had big Burgers as well as a range of their ordinary bikes and so it goes on.

I’m only sorry that some people may have been put off going by the negative comments posted here.

It was worth every penny!

True there was lots there but compared to the last show i went to at alexandra palace it just seemed to be a bit dull. I was more interested in the bikes that were coming and going than looking at the new bikes with chimps hanging all over them.

Fair 'nuff; we, too, enjoyed the walk through the bike-park looking at the truly unbelievable range of bikes - and I’m no fan of sports bikes!

I don’t mean to be argumentative or confrontational but what do people expect to see at such a Show? What was missing from this one?

My own answer to the latter is ‘not enough scooters’ but I don’t really expect there to be many at a ‘bike’ show. In truth there were far more than I’d expected.

I’m no expert but BMW, for example, seemed to have one of every bike they make at the moment. I can’t speak for the others as I didn’t spend much time looking but there were plenty on every bike stand.

There was a whole hall extra last year without all the manufacturers turning up. Lacked atmosphere again IMO, same as last year. MCN has killed Ally Pally & given us nothing better. :(I am complaining because it is a very poor representation of how strong the biking industry is in the UK :)Yet to find a forum full of praise for the show. They have had a whole year to perfect it after last years disaster & still fell short of what it should be.I am not a newbie to shows, I have been going to them for 28 years or more so know a good show when I see one :wink: I dont regret it if I have put anyone off going, for three of us to go & park could have cost in excess of 60 quid & I would have been gutted if someone had recommended it to me. Not having a go just my opinion :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t argue with what you say; after all, it is largely a matter of opinion but I ask again, what or who wasn’t represented who should/could have been?

I, too, have been visiting shows of various themes for years; who remembers the Hulton Boys’ and Girls’ Exhibitions (as they were called then) at Olympia in the 50s? (Hultons published the Eagle, Swift, Girl and Robin comics)

My first Bike show was at Earls Court in 1977 at the tender age of 15:w00t:It sticks in my mind as it was Harley’s 75th Aniversary and i had a mahoosive poster on my bedroom wall. Luckily I did respond to treatment;):smiley:

The Racing and Sporting Show used to be held at Horticultural Halls in Islington and was a bit more specialist in those days. This gave way to the Ally Pally show and now ExCeL.

None of the shows seem to be as entertaining as they used to be, and you would come home totally laden with freebies:)

I’ve never been to a boys and girls show though:w00t: Are you sure that wasn’t in Amsterdam?;):smiley:

I went up on Thursday and had a superb day, but then I went specifically to look at new bikes and they were all there for me to salivate over. (I did manage to bag a bargain ARAI even though I wasn’t specifically looking).

I also went to this show last year and went to the NEC (thank-you LB). This year’s London Show was quite small. I wonder if there is really only room enough for one big UK bike show and that perhaps that ought to be at the NEC just because it is more central?

Having been on the other side of these type of shows it is a hugely expensive thing to attend as an exhibitor. I also think that in the past the organisers have allowed companies to use it as a stock dumping exercise, so many people attend expecting out-of-this-world bargains and when they are not there we are all disappointed.

I paid full price for my tickets (mug?) but I had no problem because it offered me and all the people I went with value BUT I wonder if the return on investment for organisers and exhibitors is enough for it to continue, especially with £1 tickets?

Just turning up & being on a stand makes a display not a show. Maybe what was missing was an events co ordinator with some imagination :wink: Walls of monitors showing footage etc, music, lighting, fun things to watch or partake in etc etc - in other words what I said before - atmosphere :DApparently Paris had a mini moto track, go karts etc & was fab. 3 times bigger & only a tenner to get in :cool:I could be mistaken but I didnt spot Triumph, Aprillia, Royal Enfield, MV for example. And no I dont remember the 50s :stuck_out_tongue:

i went with a few mates,we had free entry , to be honest if i’d had to i would have paid to get in. i went to last years show, wich apart from not all of the manufactuers being there was pretty good.this year they were all there!(well most!) thats one of the main reasons i went, to drool over the new bikes, have a sit on them etc my cousin came with us, i took him on my bike, he was all over the new 250 ninja, another convert to two wheels!

we all thought it was a good day out, if we had had the money we could have come away with tons of bargins!! tho teh food drinks ect are a bit pricy, wher isnt tho!?

i dont get why people are saying it could be more entertaining?

Triumph and Aprillia were there.;)Again speaking personally, I don’t go to a show to watch Television although some stands did have screen showing various biking activities.

I concede the atmosphere is more impersonal at ExCel but a loss of intimacy is balanced by less pushing and shoving.

We’ll never agree, that’s for sure.:smiley:

I won’t argue over the price, either, although I suppose it’s chicken-and-egg; the exhibitors are charged for being there - if it costs them too much they won’t go so the price is raised for the visitors.

Excuse me for now; the Drag-Boat Racing has just started on MotorsTV.:wink: