Excel bike show pictures

Just follow either of the links below for a few pictures of the show , a Mars bar and a cup of Bovril for the 1st person who spots Keanu Reeves in one of the pictures .

I see him, beard and hat :w00t:


Mars bars in the post , the bovril will have to wait .

Pic 49 and 50 wonder if he got recognised by anyone whilst wandering round…

Some really nice photos! Really like the Harley in the photo below myself :wink:

some nice shots there mate - seem to remember the camera being pointed at a few more of the stand assistants than the pics show tho :smiley:

All i can say is … you dirty old man, cant wait to see what Dels missus thinks of them . :smiley:

Lucky it didnt rain on the way home for you two last night as Dels left his waterproofs here .

apparently MCN missed Keanu and need some pics :wink:


Panagiotis (07/02/2011)

apparently MCN missed Keanu and need some pics :wink:


Cheers for that , i wonder if i can get a free subscription .:smiley: