Exam tomorrow ~ oh no!

Well i have my windows 7 exam tomorrow proper hate exams and already know i’m going to fail!.

IPv6 WTF cannot get my head around it any experts out there that want to tell me how the lordy! to convert a IPv4 to IPv6 let me know how to do it as I have no idea and it is supposed to be part of the exam…

have not got a clue what your talking about, but Good Luck.:smiley:

Don’t be so negative, you just don’t know your fete. I am currently in my last year of A-levels and i am constantly sitting exams, real ones and mocks, what is going to happen is going to happen at the end of the day :slight_smile:

Good luck I am sure you will do fantastic :slight_smile:

best of luck mate… im sure u know more than u think you do

well I have now done 5-6 mock exams and so far faailed them all, not a good sign…

but hey I get an afternoon off of work and believe me after today I need it

Forward compatibility between IPv4 and IPv6 is not possible because IPv4 hosts cannot communicate with IPv6 hosts—they lack the knowledge of how IPv6 works no?

im no expert mind…


Blimey. That post must have helped.

lol not really as IPv4 can be incorporated through an IPv6 using a Teredo tunnel, converting it into a hexidecimal format overcoming the issue because IPv6 would be as usful as a chocolate teapot if it could not translate…

hehe but I bet you copied that didn’t you shane?

ahhhhh…i see…Dual stack devices may be able to accept requests from IPv6 hosts, convert them to IPv4 datagrams, send the datagrams to the IPv4 destination and then process the return datagrams similarly…fcuk me while me pants are down…shoulda thought of that:D…




.smiled :).

I had an exam today and i believe ive totally fu*ked it up :smiley: so dont worry it will probably go better than u think :slight_smile:

Good luck and be confident.

Hey dont worry, keep your head up and everything will work out fine.