Ex Top Gear blokes

looks like quite a few companies turned them down due to the cost:

Given the limited audience that Amazon has I wonder how much it will cost them?

5 years ago i think they would’ve been able to ask for that kind of money, but they have run their course i think.
They are on the decline now and i think even the loyal TG fans (of which i would include myself in) are gettig bored of their antics.

I think that last episode of top gear that I watched was the one crossing the rain forest in South America ending up at the Pacific Ocean.

Most people I know have Netflix and not Amazon, and I don’t know of anyone who would sign up for Amazon just to watch those three.

A senior executive at Netflix says the streaming service declined to sign up the former presenters of Top Gear because “it wasn’t worth the money”.

I don’t think that’s an opinion. I think it’s a statement of fact.

The problem is that like everything in life things are worth what someone will pay and in their case it’s a hell of a lot. Whether or not it proves profitable in the long run is frankly unlikely, but Amazon obviously think they’re worth the money