ex police bikes

my dad’s after a tourer,where should i start looking?any help would be great

cheers ray

Look on Google for FOrce Motorcycles - At least I think that’s what it is…

cheers il check it out


My mates just bought an ex cop bike(pan european) swapped it for his hornet niner! Think it was from staffs…will try find out for you

try this sight…did have some pans and BMW’s all ex forces/police



Be cautious…

They have an exemplary service history but countless owners and they have heavy clutch wear and are not ridden gently during thier service!!

try this place they had a few in their auction last week two of the pans were ok one blue one red and a few white pans and beemers ,about 40k and 3 years old the rest was tat .


and not forgetting the strong smell of bacon eminating from the well worn seat



Screw the ex-police bike