Last night i had the misfortune, to “meet” (put that loosely, cos they just barged into our conversation) some complete a-hole of a “man” !! This person proceeded to tell us things about certain current LBrs that was not nice at all. Apparently this person was one of the “original” LBrs (so he told us) and therefore thought it gave him the right to slag off anyone and everyone

Now normally i wouldnt let this get to me, and thankfully, esp on LB i have not met many i can say are like this fkwit! in fact i dont think any ARE like him…he is the epitome of moron, the top of the asshole league, the icing on the ol "all men are pcks" brigade…he TAKES THE NOBEL PRIZE of c**ts !! Im not going to go into what shite he was talking but his whole attitude to women is the nastiest ive ever come across! And one comment he made to me hit a nerve so much that i had to post this up!

I know some of you know this prick, but please, if im ever in the same place as you again and this dildo is there? Dont be offended if i dont join you, talk to you, have anything to do with you, while he is standing there with you, dont be surprised if i DONT go on any rideouts either cos i couldnt stand being in this persons company EVER AGAIN!

The reason for my post is…thank god London Bikers has progressed on from morons like this,who used to be a part of it in the “beginning” and dont worry, im not going to post up what he was saying about certain current MODS.

Look lets be honest, this is a forum, and no one says that we all have to be saints,agree with each other or have to be up each others ass 24/7 (although some might like to do just that) :wink: But i just want to say, that for those of you who have the decency to show some form of respect when we all meet up, hats off to you, because for ME that makes it a easier decision to get on my bike and actually turn up in the first place? If i thought that all of you wouldve been like this rat, i wouldnt be seeing any of you (some may say thats a good thing, good on you its a free world). Sometimes i have to follow other bikers cos im always getting lost!, but if they were like this person i would rather get lost!

Right, thats enough of that…rant over!

Seems like nice guy.:stuck_out_tongue:

:stuck_out_tongue: a gorgeous specimen too !! (ugly mo fo) :wink:

hope i made a better 1st impression than that fella:ermm:

Im not complaining babes, complete gent…so was ya bike !! gave me a hair dry from god knows how many yards away !! Plus a blue flame heat treat !!! awesome !! :w00t:

edited rattty forgot to log magic out…again

I bumped into Tug aswell.:smiley:


name and shame!!!

If we are ever out and hes there? promise i will show you the limp dick mo fo

er…dont think it was me :w00t:

didnt get introduced to ya blade :slight_smile:

there was 3 or 4 there I didnt get round to speaking to so apologies for that, or thank ya lucky stars take ya pick :D:P

Your safe ha ha :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Blade, he must be “very nice” if he made you write that post :Whistling:

Relax, life is too short for that kind of feelings. He is not nice, but you are. :blush:

Some of the **** wits from the beginning are still here and were not all bad, yes there was some crap that happened in the early days, how ever I more than likely know who you are talking about but because your keeping there identity a secret I cant agree/disagree with your statement maybe you can PM me who they are, yes there were some real morons on here, there still are but its each to their own.

I for one am glad you met him . . . your rants are an absolutely first class read!! :smiley:


Think you need to PM me the details my dear :wink:


its not you FBP…

i knmow who it is…and im not suprised!:w00t:

NOBEL PRIZE of c***ts:D

Laughing my head off!!:w00t:

Can it be me? … can it, can it??? :smiley: