I think something to consider is that they were never run in properly.

Sometimes when someone buys a brand new bike it is their pride and joy and they treat it well, and run it in according to the letter of the book.

A display model would have been taken out with 20 miles on the clock and ragged.

Hello Lou!

Contrary to the prevailing view, I should mention a convo with a grinning JimC about his Fuoco or its successor, that it had been a press demonstrator and by the time he got it, it would happily rev over the red line and was 10mph quicker than it said on the tin. Your mileage may vary.

With the BMW being the exception, mainly due to them putting a restrictor on it for the first 600 miles, all the bikes I bought new have never been run in. They loosened up nicely and I never had any issues, well apart from the Ducati but that wasn’t down to me but the bloody service it was given!!

So long as it has had the services it was due then I don’t see a problem buying an ex demo. It will still have a warranty.

I was gonna say use your charm, but westie got it right :smiley:

mel you have time to post go see to your new baby lol oh and ex demos are usually good buys second hand money for basically a new bike, most people going out on tests rides are new to riding so go carefull especially as most dealers tell you if you break it you pay to fix it cos its 3rd party only insurance.

if its the right bike for you buy it

Weighing in on this topic, I just tested an ex-demo 300cc scooter. Dealer is offering it for 3500 rather than 3999, 600 miles on the clock and 3 months old. Sounds reasonable to me - I am going to ask for the first service free and for them to fit heated grips and then I will take it.

What type of discounts are people being offered on ex-demo?

What bike is it ? Do you need a new one ? :cool:

Bike is a Kymco 300 Downtown. Has very good reviews.

I’m not particularly after a new one but I can’t find a second hand one anywhere…

As long as you get a warranty then I wouldn’t worry too much.

Definitely push for significant discount on the bike or freebie accessories or clothing.

Just remembered, the only bike I’ve ever spun up the rear on was a demo bike - Blackbird. I had an hour to get from Wandsworth to Harrow and back on a Saturday afternoon to pick up some documents that I missed when I picked a car up earlier that day. I made it, just. I was quite chuffed, not just at the speed, but also the filtering ability, which was amazing for such a big bike.

Bike is being collect on Thursday FAAACCCKKK!!

22 months warranty, 22 months recovery cover, 172 miles, no bumps or scrapes. Bought for £2900, rrp is £3680. Not bad!!

So I will be owner for a cute brand new(ish) CBR250r :smiley:

May be not everyone’s cuppa but as for a first back to get back on, I’m over the frggin moon :cool: