Looking at an ex-demo bike, fairly new with only a couple hundred on the clock Just need some advice from you wonderful ppl - what should I be looking for when viewing it and what questions should I ask the dealer?

Do you think I should offer them a price below what they are asking for it?

Always offer a lower price, regardless of the circumstances.

It has probably been thrashed a little bit, but I doubt it has been abused so badly within a couple of hundred miles that it would be in anyway seriously damaged.

As long as it comes with the normal warranty of a brand new bike, I wouldn’t think it would matter.

Has it had it’s first service, if not make sure it gets done…for nowt.

When does the warranty start, from when it was registered or when you buy it.

Apart from that nothing else really, usually fairly safe buys.

What bike is it?

I always try for something money off, free service etc as with most look for usual signs of being dropped as its demo has probably been used quite hard for the mileage its done but this should be fine if you finish the run in period properly (if its below the running in mileage)

You can find a good deal if you take someone knowledgeable with you, as demo bikes usually have ‘extras’ attached.

But I would defo knock them down, and get a free service.

Can you get on it:P

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I know you girls like to change your minds, but after the chat on Monday I thought this was a while away. :smiley:

My advise, get Matt and Kaos to do the work of haggling and GET IT, GET IT, GET IT, GET IT, GET IT, GET IT, GET IT, GET IT, GET IT, GET IT, GET IT, GET IT, GET IT, GET IT, GET IT, GET IT, GET IT, GET IT, GET IT.



Sometimes what I’d like to do is different to what is practical zzzzzz and fed up of being so practical all the friggin time…

I’d check all the bodywork, pegs, bars for any sign of replacement or repair… Demo’s often get dropped by numpties and a dealership will replace/repair it by themselves without notifying anyone… make sure paint same on all panels but yeah… unlikely to have serious damage so for a good knock-down price you’ll probably bag a bargain

Have to say, be very careful. I used to work for a dealership as a driver/rider (Wandsworth Honda) and the stuff I used to get up to on their bikes/cars was an awful lot of fun, but probably not the best thing with bike longevity in mind. For instance, 70mph round the Wandsworth gyratory on a brand new box fresh zero miles CBR6RR, without an regard for the running in period, or the revs I was doing. Which was nice.

hunny you`ll be fine, just wear a lowcut top and have your hair down… make sure u bend over the desk a few times when negotiating figures, always works for me…:stuck_out_tongue:

Didnt think a woman leaning over your desk in a low cut top would work for you Matt!

bloody hell i nearly spat me coffee when i saw this name come up, longtime no see

i mean me wearing the lowcut top :P:w00t:

Steer clear, probably thrashed, not serviced, neglected :w00t:

I’d be all yours if you did that :wink:

I bought an ex Yamaha thay had for 2 years almost, it was basically new. I do not think they trash it, they always have bike. The problem are the costomers.

Mate of mine used to be a “technician” at a big Kawasaki dealership and would bring bikes home and rag them to within an inch of their lives…“what red line?” ;):D:D:D:D