everyone still enjoying their motards??

This is the longest ive ridden into winter for a few years and im still enjoying it.

Must admit the headlight is total shite on my ccm and i do need to sort that out asap really. But set of maxxis tyres and commutings still a good giggle with wheelies in the rain being a bit of a novelty to me. Try that on my old r1 and itd prob end up a bit of a mess!

i did cheat and fit heated grips and bar muffs but a worthy sacrifice i think.

worthy sacrifice of your soul!? surely not! :w00t::hehe:

yes still enjoying mine (much to so far foiled thieves’ dismay…) :smiley:

I’ve fitted rear wet tyre, Avon PXR to complement my front Avon PXR and bike got so much more grip, wheelie on cold, rainy day as on dry road :smiley:

KTM exc headlight is also only for MOT purpose, thinking about http://www.trailtechproducts.co.uk/acatalog/X2_Halogen_Light.html or any one has better idea to improve front light?




Yep…me too.

Maxxis make a great difference over the Bridgestone/Pirelli combo I had on mine…:w00t:

What model have you got?

I changed the standard DS light (about 35W…like a candle in a brown bottle) to an Acerbis Cyclops…
Loads better, but not brilliant…


i love mine…

but i have to sell it…

im going to cry when it goes!

What mileage do you get from the Avon wet on the rear? I’ve got one on the front and it’s really good, but they guy at FWR said the rear would probably only last 1k miles unless it’s wet always. That’d be a new tire every 5-6 weeks for me, which isn’t really an option.

So I tried the Avon Distanzia on the rear. Only have a couple of hundred miles on it, but so far I’m impressed with the grip.

And yes, still enjoying the bike on the wet slippery leafy Kent roads :smiley:

Not sure if will last more than 500 miles but will let you know soon :slight_smile:

Previous two didn’t last long too.

Dunlop GPR Alpha-10 lasted 700 miles - very good tyre, would buy again.
Maxxis Supermoto Street Sport was good for longer (1000 miles) but wasn’t as good on track.

i love the new bike:D just keeps getting better everytime i go for a ride:cool:

Where we’re going this Sunday? I am yet to see your bike.

we can meet sunday and ride lanes your way if you want:)

Will my R1 fit down the lanes? The mechanic has The Rot, Riot!

Shouldn’t be a problem :stuck_out_tongue:


Bloody nora - you’ve gotta tip your hat to him if nothing else!

Then again if that bloke sponsored by Hein Gericke managed to get around the world on one - then what are a few trees and a bit of dirt? :w00t:

Ive got a bit of a hybrid its a ds technically but with the 640cc rotax motor rather than the 600, ive got all all the r30 body work and the rs stuff as well but all a bit ugly in my eyes.

I think a new light will be fitted next month this standard ones gonna get me killed!

Rich boy huh?! That rear wont last long matey - I predict not much more than 3 BCRs and it’ll be totally shagged (provided you don’t use it for anything else of course, then it’ll be shagged quicker).

I went through 4 of those things before I decided I wasn’t wealthy enough and switched to Distanzia (keeping PXR on the front) - performance isn’t far short of PXR but lasts 5 times as long, at the very minimum. (I get around 2,500 miles on my EXC.)

Back on topic - this is my 6th winter on a supermoto - oh no, 5th, last winter I was on a Hornet (and that was only coz my sm had been stolen). I ride every day, except if roads are icy or covered in snow. And I’ve loved every minute of it :slight_smile:

I guess I’m in then!:smiley: I can beat that tho. I had me some BCR in my 3.7Ltr V8 today!:stuck_out_tongue:

Think i might get a distanza rear my maxxis isnt looking too healthy after only about 1500 miles nice and grippy though seems to suit the ccm

My super-retard is still at the menders!:crying:

Be patient, archealogical restoration shouldn’t be rushed :wink:

:D…is that about me or The Riot?:angry: