Every nuclear explosion from 1945 to 1998

Starts off slowly, but then… :w00t: (best viewed with speakers switched on)

Starts slow is an understatement.

Got bored at 1970 and had to stop, I’ve got work to do :wink:

Worth sticking with it or just skip to the last ten seconds for a flavour of the wanton destruction. Amazing we all haven’t got three nipples and eleven toes really…hang on a minute…

How on earth is California still there???

Also worth a look, fallout maps for the US http://www.260press.com/maps.htm

Cumulatively, most of the fallout from atmospheric tests in Nevada fell on the NE US, places like Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, New York. Quite a bit also fell on Virginia and Kentucky. The correlation between smoking and lung cancer came from data gathered from illnesses of US blue-collar workers in the NE of good ole USA in the '50s. Just saying.

I was looking forward to the Vela incident to see who it was attributed to but was disappointed -

Wasn’t California, the testing was done here in Nevada:


Just east is Area 51. :cool:

Also have a look at this as well:

Very impressive Google Maps shot.


‘Top Secret’ but visible in Hi Def detail. Like the Plowshare link- learn something new every day. Err well except nuclear physicists- who apparently learn that radiation is dangerous and then proceed to produce as much of it as possible.

Yes thanks for the links, Kevsta, very interesting.A little film here about the most powerful nuclear explosion ever

That hydrogen bomb detonated by the USSR was scaled back by 50%. Still created a 8KM fireball, that is the high of Everest.

If you want some scary reading start here:

and work your way through the civil and military incidents. The fact that the several nuclear powers have lost devices is shocking, and how close some have come to activation is scary.

Also follow the links for the Brazilian incident, for frightening civilian accidents.

I like all the pretty lights !!!

and the UK testing sights , go someway to explaining Australians !!

Why am I not surprised. :D:D

rich people built houses near the nuclear testing sites in Nevada so they could host nuclear parties were people would gather to watch tests of nuclear bombs.