Every Friday Ace cafe bike night (please make this a sticky)

Day :



Ace Cafe London
Ace Corner
North Circular Road
NW10 7UD

Time :

6pm onwards

I thought it was Helicopter Night on Friday’s at the Ace?:stuck_out_tongue: Very shocked to hear there are bikes there :w00t:

Did you not get the bike night leaflet?

It say’s 3rd Thur Scooters…

We expect a weekly thread Kishan… Don’t try and wiggle out of your duties :stuck_out_tongue:

So there won’t be any helicopters there next Friday? :crying: It will really be bikers on their motorbikes ? (Just checking as it’s very hard indeed to tell with the Ace Cafe lol :D:D )

(Although I did hear Big Vern likes to go there in his nurses outfit…)

That’s what we thought too - Kishan get on with it & stop slacking:D

lol easier doing a stick so mods/admins please make a sticky thankyoupleaseokbye xx


good idea mate, makes sense to have this as a regular meet.

Can we have a percentages button too?

weekly thread for me too.

and percentages buttons! :laugh:

Ace Cafe friday night is police and ambulance night is it not ?

bike night on friday’s at the ace?



I know Shane - still can’t believe I’ve been going to the Ace all these years and only just realised it had bikes there on a Friday Night :smiley: Took good old Kisham to point it out - got to hand it to the guy - if it wasn’t for him I’d still be up there searching for the Dancing Alpacas :stuck_out_tongue:

I still think we should have a sticky called ‘Big Vern in his Nurse’s Outfit - Only On Friday’s at the Ace…if that doesn’t draw the punters, what will?’

Bikes - pah!! Who needs them? :slight_smile:

we all know its twat night on a friday at the ace, lol

still waiting for Hels to turn up in nurses outfit :w00t::w00t:

get a good turn out then

How’s this for a compromise:D (Have posted it before on here, so it’s not a new idea from me - am just regurgutating old ones :D)


Bless, the OP really does sound full of surprise that a new meet has been found :smiley: its sweet! “MODS, MAKE IT A STICKY!” lol :smiley: :hehe: :w00t:

cmon Kishan where is your riposte, you must face worse than this on a Friday night in Harrow :hehe: