Ever wondered how to get that polished look

Ever wondered how to get that polished look???

Arms of steel thats how :D:D:D

shes coming on boys :smiley:



missed one :stuck_out_tongue:



Isn’t there a machine that could do that for you?

an electric sander will take off the laquer! but theres no substitute for moving through the grits by hand! you can use polishing compounds with a dremmel or polisher but it still takes some handy work! especially when the frames still part of the bike! if you have the frame by itself then its a different matter!

Anyway! a few beers and some good music and the time just fly’s :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea, them chairs are lookin pretty damn good :smiley:

And the shine from those wheels! Almost blinding.

oooohhh nice and shiny!! good job:cool:

not bad nearli as good as my job on the gixxer :stuck_out_tongue: perfect mirror you got the right gear and skills tho man, keep the good work going.

the WIFE ? :smiley:

funny you should say that! true story…

"she’s not been happy cos i spend all my time rebuilding this one, cleaning the other one (Bandit) or at the gym. So the other night she comes into the workshop which is my conservatory with a beer for me and asks if she can help. hehehehe cause you can babe, see that 1200 grit over there well if you rub gently you can take a ll the scratches out of this fairing. hehehehe :stuck_out_tongue:

Love works in mysterious ways :cool:

housetrained and practical…a rare commodity :D:D

note to self…get bigger shovel to dig deeper lmao :smiley:

I have promised to take her out for a meal next week…

but only cos she did a great job of the sanding :stuck_out_tongue:

KFC dont count tho mate…go upmarket pizza hut she be putty in your hands lmao :smiley: