Ever noticed that...............

  1. Your revs increase as you go around a bend?
    (Something to do with your tyre radius decreasing as you lean)

  2. When it’s a cold morning, your bike runs faster and louder?
    (Colder air is denser and thus contains more Oxygen per cubic centimtre, making your explosions more potent)

Please add your curious facts below

that’s interesting, does that mean you get more fuel for your money then?

You feel more cold when in UK!

Ok! That’s shait but i couldn’t avoid it… lol

When you fart when you need a dump, it smells worse than when you fart and dont need a dump…

You can’t fart with tight leathers on when your sat on your bike, you have to stand on the pegs.

Or is that just me?

… or you can fart in your leathers and only reep the benifit two hours later when you take them off…aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh bisto

You never remember to have a pee before going on a long ride, and regret it just at the point when you’re feeling tired and really want to be at your destination…

mate you are the king of the Fart! Don’t make tell your tales here! lol

You can fart in any situation and any position! I vouch that

… when you take your baffles out of your Laser Exhaust system it becomes extremely loud


…when you fit windscreens for a living, family and friends think you can just pooh one out of your bum anytime of the day and night and fit it…

You mean ya can’t. Clearly you are not eating enough sand.

“Oh” what about when you meet a hot girl, no matter if shes really tall or really short …

““but when your buried up to ya nutz the tips of ya noses touch”” !!!

would that be buried up to ya nuts in guts… never had a tall bird couple of fattys but no tallies

You’re always at the furthest point from home when you realise you’ve left your Datatool clicker on the side table

It always pisses down with rain when you leave your waterproofs at home. And, the b’strd weather foecasters say it’s gonna be dry.

What about when you struggle to put your waterproof suit on and then realise that te bike key is still in the jacket pocket?? hate that

When you settle down to play a comp game you need a piss ?? strange

What’s wrong with you people??

When u try and fart when your shaggin! You just cant quite do it! (Mr romantic me!)