Been lurking for a while and been off the bikes for about 15 years other than a little scooter to get me to the station for work.

Took the scooter in for a service and MOT 2 weeks ago and there was a nice black SV650S sitting there for sale at a good price. Loads of people said it would be a great bike for getting back in the swing of things so hey ho, scooter on ebay and Hello SV :slight_smile:

It’s been a week now and loving every second of it :smiley:

Commuting from Kent to East London and I think this bike is perfect for me at the moment.

Been lurking on here a while but thought I would now register and say hello seeing as I actually have a bike !

If I can work out how to host pictures (I’m a complete numpty with computers) I will stick a picture up of it. I also work with a guy who is also a member on here.

Bike safe day is in the pipeline which I think will be great for me after so long off bikes.

Hopefully the sun will be around for ages yet altho I will be using it in all weathers for the commute

Well posting the picture is fine but I have absolutely no idea how to get the picture the right way up :blush:


Welcome to LB :wink: Also, nice ride :cool:


Welcome Gaz…

Lack of computer skills explains a few things at work… :D:P

Hi Gazza & welcome :slight_smile:

hello mate, hope to see you on a few ride outs soon! nice sv looks nice, hope you’ve got a nice can on that!Alex

Hi, welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome!


Hello and welcome :smiley: