hi,just moved down to twyford berks from north wales,ride a cb1 at the mo hoping to pick up summin bigger over winter but i dont think il ever be rid of the -1 to good in london

welcome to the site ray. you have some nice indians round there. little india but best of all is hawali…very nice food and the guy who runs it is so nice to people…

evryone keeps telying me that but ive yet to try,i guess id better give it a go this weekend,very hot down here though this month i have mosty been eating icecream!

dont use the gaylord though as my son in law and myself had to physically take that restaurant from previous owners and hand it over to one of the ex partners. nice easy work but the town was so boring. nothing happens there…us taking over the gaylord made front page headlines a few monthes ago…twyford advertiser…

are there any good meets this way or is it all in the city?i went to ace on sun which was cool bit more lively than betws y coed lol,(gaylord)classy name for a indian lol

hello Ray and welcome to lb, hope to see you at the cubana sometime!!! i went past the gaylord today!!

i take it it the place to go?what time does it kick off im working in maidavale at the mo i could pop down after

i live in notting hill, i usually leave at about 7.30pm from home, yes wednesday nights are great!!,

i guess il see you all there then,tmorow it is then ;0)

see you there tomorrow then ray. prob going to be there with both daughters…

Hello Ray and Welcome to LB

poke poke with the newbie stick



Hey Ray welcome to LB

poke poke n SmacK with the newbie crutches


Hey Ray, welcome to LB!

Hi ray welcome to the LB’s, great bunch of guys and gals here