Evening Standard last night.

These are government helpfull hints on how to ride safe on a bicycle in London,WHAT ABOUT ABIDE BY THE HIGHWAY CODE!


Prepare your bike
Ensure tyres are well inflated, the saddle height is adjusted, the brakes are working properly and you have lights if cycling after dark.

Know your route
Driving is very different to cycling - you may want to practise part before committing to the whole route.

Watch out for HGVs
Beware of cycling alongside an HGV - especially on the left - even if they are not indicating.

Many fatalities involve cyclists and HGVs - the classic crash being a cycle going down the inside of a lorry at lights or roundabouts.

Keep your distance
When approaching an HGV always maintain a clear, safe distance and assume you cannot be seen.

Be seen
It’s better to look like a Christmas tree with lights, reflectors and a bright-yellow tabard than to be ignored, especially by pedestrians, who may not hear you.

Wear a helmet
Purists say motorists are less tolerant of cyclists with helmets but an uncomfortably close pass is better than risking a head injury.

Get training
Your employer may offer help.

also what about:

Dont run red lights!!
Look over your shoulder before turning
Dont use an iPod while riding


Yeah, creative are much better mp3 players…leave those Ipods ALONE!! :angry:


Nah gotta argue there…I have found listening to my phone on full blast without earphones while cycling so much better :smiley: and that way I can hear it when it rings and answer it without slowing down

Oh my word, these little shits do my head in. I’ve taken to stopping them now and giving them a piece of my mind…

its my pet hate the moment… I’ll jump off the soap box now… :smiley:

Surely the best safety advice to cyclists is “Stay at home”. If you can’t do that, find a green lane to go cycle on.

If you must cycle on public roads, observe the Highway Code just as Mr. Trumpet suggests.

That might be a bit complicated for some of you, so stay at home, please.

Then how about the Police seizing bicycles that do not have the legally required reflectors or bells?.

Trouble is that the bike pounds would be full up within a few days.