Evening rides / destinations?

I’ve got the kids during the day today and it’s going to piss it down on Sunday… no reason I can’t go for a ride tonight though… can anyone recommend a destination? I guess most places will be bike free still but I’m just after a coffee and a recharge before I head off again.

I guess the obvious venues are the ace and the bike shed, anywhere else?

Frith Street?

blackeath teahut, clapham teahut 

Dustable downs, though check their opening times

Hmm Dunstable downs is near a friendly lady I know too. Ta.

What about further afield, are there any Ace type venues at the coast?



this any use?

H Cafe


The Super Sausage

Those last ones aren’t open at night, will check them out on a sunny day though, ta

Ah sorry forgot the night part on my second post!

Forgot the ‘coast’ part too

Poole bike nights when they restart

The coast wasn’t part of the original brief…


Cheers all, I went up to the Bike Shed, then realised I needed to get out of London so did a blast Waltham Abbey, Epping, Hoddesdon, Hertford, Welwyn Garden City and then across and back down the M11 as I decided I wanted a beer.

It wasn’t that cold, was in summer gloves. Spring is pretty much here.