Evening all

Been popping in and having a read lately so thought I should say hello.

I’ve got a few miles on the clock, (getting on a bit), but let’s just call it experience.:rolleyes:

Ride an Xmax 250 to work, horrible but convenient, but my main interest is older Suzukis.

Rebuilding/customising a GSX1100 efe at the moment.

I gonna have a go at attaching pics but I’m a bit of a computer knob.

Main alterations made but now time for stripping down and paint etc.

Well trying to add a piccy didn’t work, I’ll have to try and find out how to do it.:unsure:

I think I might have cracked it :blink:

And today. Merry Christmas

welcome aboard mate! :slight_smile:

Welcome nice looking bike

Hi and welcome. Nice efe.

Welcome to LB :slight_smile: