Evening All !

Hi all, I’m Ahmet from East London … I was over at Silverstone today watching all the fun (just spectating)

I went along with two other members from here, but don’t know there user names yet !

Anyway, I’m very familiar with owner clubs / forums as I run 3 my self

I ride the Special Edition Yamaha R6 on a 2003 plate !



Hi, I think I met you briefly today. Welcome to LB and good bike choice by the way!

The people you were with were D675 Ghostrider and LaidBackCop.

Hey ScarFace, nice username! Welcome to LB. Coming to our Borough Market Meet this week?

Welcome aboard

hey hope to meet you at borough market meet!

how you doin mate Im quite new here myself.

Look forward to seeing you out and about.

welcome to the site

Hi and welcome aboard.

Thanks for the welcome guys and girls !

I had only met Fred yesterday, nice bloke … and well LaidBackCop, can only be Pete ! lol … we have been working together for about 4 - 5 years now

I’ll look at that borough Market Meet, and see if I can make it along !

ScarFace is my username on most forums … just think it’s a great film !

Hope to meet more of you soon !

'All I have in this world is my balls and my word. I don’t break ‘em for nobody. Understand.’

Gonna have that on my head stone.

Welcome by the way

Ha ha … hey, lets not start the ScarFace quotes … you’ll soon get bored of me !

I already am Anyway I thought it was Scarface cos you had your nose reduced

Give me a bell if you wanna go to the Borough market meet and we’ll sort out where to hook up.

welcome to the site


sj x

Welcome to LB dude

Will call you later mate, I’m up for that …