Evening all

Hi Guys and Gals,

Been riding for a couple of years first on an SV and now a CRB600F5, met a few off the site through the CBR Forum but need a bit of help.

Did a trackday at Donny yesterday with the CBR guys and it was great until the last lap after the chequered flag when I wandered into the gravel at Coppice and dropped in for a much closer look

As a result I need to find a LH fairing for my 2005 F. I am watching a couple on fleabay but these will need painting to black so two questions -

Anyone know of a source for a later model F or F Sport as been quoted £230 plus Vat for a colour matched?

Can anyone reccomend a paintshop in London (I’m in Fulham)?

Any help much appreciated, in the meantime I will mostly be trying to remove the bent bung that is holding the fairing on so I can get in and remove the gravel that is leading to overheating.


Hey Roo!!

How is it going???

Nice to have met you the other day… so where’s Biker’s Wife??

poke poke with the newbie stick!!!


Welcome to LB!

Poke Poke welcome to LB Roo!

Hiya Roo.

No excuses not to be at Cubana and say Hi if you only live in Fulham !

See ya there.

Might be a while as need to get the CBR fixed first

Abbey, BW not on here yet but only a matter of time, where I go she follows even if it is just as pillion

Hey Roo, welcome to LB!

How do you do Roo.

Hello and welcome to LB, good luck with the repairs to the bike.

welcome to LB

Hello mate, and welcome…

Hope to see you down cubana’s