evenin all

hello, i’m moff, been lurking here for a while but not got round to posting yet
i’m visiting from UKBF but since i’m in london this place seems like a good place to read too

i passed my test last year and ride a kwak Z750S which i think is a great bike. dropped it a couple of times hence proving the maxim that new riders shouldn’t get a fully faired bike to start with. first time was lucky with just a snapped brake lever but second time cracked the engine casing and had to get the bugger recovered from reading. being a n00b i assuming my breakdown insurance covered me but as i was on it at the time (even though it was from standstill) it was classed as an RTA and I had to fork out £200 :frowning: but hey, **** happens and i’ve learnt from it.

at the moment I commute a bit on the bike but TBH find the hassle of getting kitted up, unchaining the bike etc, a bit of a fag when i work in town with a good underground link near me. my main riding is out on weekends and this year i want to do some touring. got the tent and sleeping bag, just waiting really to pull my finger out and get going!

so looking forward to hopefully being around on here a bit more and meeting some of you folk. mine’s a pint of guinness, what can I get you?


Welcome to the forum Which tube line are you on then? I’m literelly next to a station, but its the Northern Line and I hate it. I’d much rather spend 5 minutes getting sorted and then riding in/home rather than stand about for ages and then wedge myself onto a full tube

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hey I remember that name.


hello and welome werent moff in the film human traffic (wot a film!)

Welcome to LB

Evening and welcome