Even more France photos!

Aidrewen…its Wocky …I Wove You !!!



thats good we now have a roky look alike on LB

some more pic’s





ha ha, those camera phone pics really sum up the carnage that was Saturday night!! (so THAT’s why our heads all hurt so much…!!)

Andy, no idea how you managed to get out of that top bunk. i’m just glad that you didn’'t land/puke on me

just seen the last set of pics!!! QUALITY!! but i dont look nothin like wocky!!!

the tower is all cleaned out now and ready for the next session!!!

adam h is wocky

Reason for Ross going missing was that he had to spend 4hrs in the Town Square clearing up after hes conquest !!!



Argh, terrible, Adam, you’re letting the team down mate!!!

in adamh’s defence he wasnt being sick, he had just knocked the tower of beer over, and didnt want any of the lager to go to waste! so he just ‘hoovered’ it up!!!

(and i might of being helping him:blink

have you had any luck with the other disc of french pictures jay?