Even more France photos!

OK…I come clean…it was me in the corridor - They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression…I 'm f**ked then!

In my defence (-contrary to what thanutz had to say!) I did drink a shedload of stella and two massive Calvados followed by several double vodkas and more stellas and then more beer! -courtesy of Adam H and his tower of beer in the street !

Just want to say a big thanks to everyone on the trip for a thoroughly enjoyable weekend - special thanks to Vanessa who kindly let me share her room - although no doubt she regretted it in the morning!! Never found out who got me in a cab and back to the hotel - but thanks to you whoever you were! - I owe you one.

Thanks also of course to Matt for capturing the moment - not!

Few more pics for you…


Top Stuff…

Thanks for being a Scream part of the Team…Quality…next trip aint far off.

You c*nt u got one of me doing a piss…we def need a gallery for these pics now!!!

Great pics mate. Great that you’ve joined the forum even after your chunder humiliation

By the way, nice avatar - I always thought that Blades were a pussy magnet - and there’s the proof!

Thats actually a dog,i thought it was appropriate as i was sick as a dog, dog tired and nearly in the dog house . nice thought about the magnet thing though…

Andy how ya doin fella, i still think it looks like you took a sh*t in the corridor than puked… great piccies

Ooops! Apologies to the dog - the ultimate insult, being likened to a cat!

He/she obviously wants to go riding with you - you’ll have to get yourself a box to put on the back like that Harley guy we saw

I saw him cleaning it up…gutted

why are you gutted, did you want to clean it up for him??

No i meant gutted for him as they didnt clean it up

Cool pics, nice one fella!

good pics mate, and top marks for looking so normal morning after your hughey

you did look remarkably well in the morning considering the night before!!!

i think adam got you, me and adamh in a taxi back to the hotel including the tower of beer!!!

so theres no photographic proof it happend then???

i think my mate had a disc full of picture’s that matt has got so there might be one on that

hey, great pics bud!

hey its Andys Roomie… dont puke there my lid is on the floor

I might have looked normal-ish…but i felt like sh@t for a good few hours… Even did a u turn while looking the wrong way up the road, lucky the roads are so empty over there…!

Cheers for gettin me back to the hotel, otherwise i would have been AWOL like Ross!. But then again at least i would have saved on the embarassement.

Jesus am i ever going to be able to forget that… At least i got out of the room, which was no easy task i can tell you…

here is some more pic’s from my phone. look at adam h and his tower of beer