Eurosport get a MotoGP lifeline?

encouraging news…
just read in MCN that the Beeb/Dorna may be tempted to discuss sharing coverage with British Eurosport after all…seems like they are responding to pressure from the fans :o)

Very interesting. I wonder what the details of the deal are.

They do need to listen, it’ll be a real loss for the fans if it’s just the crappy BBC coverage we have to endure.

they are only discussing at the mo, it might not come off…crossing my fingers though

It’s so strange to me how people prefer the Eurosport coverage :crazy:

Annoying commentators - check. Yes I know many don’t like Parrish and Cox either.
Adverts interrupting the action - check. Yes I know you can program these out but you still miss the complete race.

Each to their own, but won’t bother me if Eurosport don’t make it :laugh:

that’d be a result. the bbc coverage of qatar was horrible. come on eurosport!

Couldn’t agree more, Toby Moody is so irritating:angry: If I’m in I’ll watch on the BBC and goto the RED button for 125 and 250.


not everybody has got interactive though so they cant press red button, I like the eurosport one as they do show all tnhe races and not just the big ones, how else we gonna see bradders, webby et al progressing ?

and you cant record the interactive stuff as far as i know

If you can get Eurosport you must be able to get the red button stuff, surely?

You can on freeview boxes, cos it takes you to it’s own channel, 300 and something on our one. I don’t think it works the same way on Sky though and I’ve not found a way to record that.

The annoying thing about the interactive stuff is that there isn’t a proper published schedule so you don’t know when it’s on.

give steve a break - he’s only just got a colour tele, don’t think he’s even heard of “d-i-g-i-t-a-l?” he’s been in the darks ages prior to last month! :smiley:

Fingers crossed! The adverts are worth putting up with to get away from those amateurs on the BBC!

yeah i am on sky and i still prefer eurosports coverage as it gives a time slot etc and you know you’ll be able to record it without having to rec the whole afternoon :slight_smile: although i always rec the prog afterwards just in case of overrun

by the way: eurosport motogp in HD is the dogs nuts!! :smiley:

Which unfortunately still isn’t HD! It’s just a slightly better image than the SD content I guess because of the bitrate they can utilise.

yeah its not true HD but a hell of lot better than before :slight_smile:
many of their supposed hd broadcasts are in 4:3 and upscaled i think

Afro, you cant surely prefer the bbc coverage to eurosport? At least they know what they are talking about and can pronounce the riders names:w00t: Will we still get the same detail with the bbc?

i totally agree with you here , we will miss eurosport no matter how many ads they have , i really can’t see the bbc showing all the practice or for that matter even the 125 & 250’s either , and certainly no test sessions …

and when they showed bike racing years ago they used to leave the bike racing to got an existing moment at the cricket …i kid you not thats exactley what they did !

we need eurosport coverage , hastle DORNA , they have loads of email address’s on their website …pester the hell out of them you never know …

i have read of other websites thet they are also getting the car gp yawn yawn coverage and there will be clashes and you all know what will get prioritary …and i won’t be bikes …

and we are also not getting WSBK at brands either ,it’s going to be a shite time for bikes next year

Seems that BBC will be showing all the quallies, 125 and 250GP’s on interactive telly. and BBCi

yeah but for for us with sky boxes theres no way to record the interactive stuff, bagashyeeiiiight!

The Beeb say it will be available on BBC1 for a week after the event.

I’ve been looking to buy sky for about 2 years! wait till i buy it then al the coverage will be on BBC! I prefer BBC with parish and smooze, toby moddy grates me abit.

BBC have gone a little way by putting 125 / 250’s on red button, but its a pain to record if you’re not in…

You’d think there was enough interest for sky to have a ‘bike channel’ ? then its all in one place everybody’s happy…