European Recovery - Advice please guys n gals

Hubbie and I taking our bikes to Le Mans in June. I’ve checked out our AA cover through our bank but it doesn’t cover us abroad.

The AA have offered a 5 day cover for us at £36 per bike (usual stuff ie. roadside repair or transport to garage/recovery to UK if unfixable/alternative transport costs/accomm).

Is this a good price? We are possibly going to Nurburgring in the Autumn but otherwise will not be doing any other european bike trips this yr so dont think we warrant a yearly cover.

Also, is it worth taking roadside recovery out? Hubbie quite a dabhand under the bonnet/fairing and there is a bunch of about 20 of us going, albeit just us on bikes but the others can turn their hand to a bit of mechanics if needed!

AA won’t cover Nuburgring, (I am off there tonight ) everyone has advised us to get ADAC Plus which covers Nuburg and the reat of europe and has had great reviews. It is a german company and costs 79 euros or 98 euros for you plus partner

english form to print and fax to 0049 89 76 76 6346 or 00 49 180 530 2928

membership services: 0049 89 7676 6632

if you dont have cover for Nuburg and you crash it can cost hundreds to recovered off it !

You can get annual cover for Europe for (IIRC) around £45pa. I can’t remember who mine’s with, but I got it from my insurer (although it’s a 3rd party offering).

The AA (or anyone)'s short trip quotes are a rip off. Annual cover rocks.

the 79 euros / £62 covers you for a year

It’s worth ringing eurostar as they sell on the AA policy at a reduced rate. I got my transit covered for about £70 for an annual policy last year. Easy pays for itself in two trips.

Bumping up as hoping to get some recovery recommendations - going 2wks tmrw!


even if you speak perfect french, recovery from there to here or fixing the bike abroad will cost a bomb…£36 for each bike is a bit steep but not a rip off from what i have seen (well its about avg but high cost for what you get i suppose)…as with most insurance products you tend to get far better value out of longer term policies

Thanks, will keep those details for later in the yr if we go, but thinking more of France in June, not sure whether it is worth getting cover???