Europe (Large parts of) Last Summer

This is a little late but as I wasn’t around these parts at the time I thought I’d just share my experience from last summer. I was fortunate enough be able to take a couple of months off work (un-paid) so I learnt to ride a bike, bought a VFR and some Givi luggage and headed south…

My parents live in France near Cahors so I used them as a base to start with. Couple of days down there, couple of days rest, then off to Pamplona in spain for the Bull Run, then to Barcelona for a couple of days. After that it was back up to my parents.

The next trip was to Pisa in Italy via MonteCarlo, over the mountains to the Ferrari factory (A fabulous ride) then back to France, visiting Millau bridge on way back and the Tarn valley.

Did a bit more riding around France - there are some great roads near my parents and then, after a long weekend back home for Cambridge folk festical decided to head to Norway.

Stopped with a friend who lived near Geneva (but in the French Alps) then headed north through Switzerland, Germany and Denmark (3 days, Geneva to Copenhagen). It didn’t stop raining for the whole of that trip. After days rest headed into Sweden and then Norway.

Norway was beatiful, can’t recomend it highly enough. So you can only go 80kph but if you’re out in the fjords you just don’t care.

Had 3 days in Sweden and Norway where rain held off but then my luck changed so headed south, trying desperately to find somewhere dry. Didn’t really find it, down through sweden, short route through Denmark (Ferry) to germany. Visited a place called Munster where I went on exchange 25 years before. then to Nurbergring. Unfortunately it was closed until 6 that evening, I had to be in Amsterdam next day so couldn’t hang around and this almighty thunderstorm started up so didn’t seem like a grat track day anyway…

Visited Arnhem - lovely place - then on to Amsterdam for couple of days with my girlfriend before hitting the tunnel and home.

Very potted version but so amazng, if you get the chance to do something similar i can recommend it.

Covered nearly 10,000 miles and 11 countries…

Cheers Rascally