Checking my email on ifone and getting a e-mail saying you’ve got a lucky ticket, I won 7 quid on the euro million, I was up at 8:15 checking my account thinking I won 40 million lol, I’ve just done 7 lucky dips on the lottery today , my heart was beating like mad that’s really made me angry lol


I had the exact same email and amount. :slight_smile:

Well I asked the mrs today what would she do if I won the lottery. She said that she’d take half and leave me…

I won a tenner last night so I gave her a fiver and told her to f**k off!:smiley:

Haha :smiley:

I won £70 on it a few weeks back… was well chuffed :smiley:

I once won £90 on the lotto…then proceeded to phone everyone up to tell them and ran up a £98 phone bill :w00t: pmsl

The most i ever won was £50.

I once won £965 on the lotto…gutting to thing that was the lower amount for 5 numbers and the max at that time had been £2500. Thing is, if Richard Branson got his way and was running it, I’d have got a lot more! :w00t:

Hehe, I was thinking about playing the lottery today after seeing those big winners. I think if I ever won the euro lottery I’d just buy every bike that comes out and spend my time reviewing them. Sod these people who say they want to keep their desk job or cleaning job!

I had 5 and the bonus ball, a few years ago.


5 numbers and a bonus ball or just the number 5 and the bonus ball? :smiley:

I’ve never won anything in the lottery :crying:

I’ve won 10 quid a few times and 25 on a scratch card twice.

me neither. might help if I bought a ticket though

Yes you got it. bonus ball 36.


Mrs. O and I have block of Premium Bonds on which we have won s.f.a. since £25 a couple of months after we took then out 3 or 4 years back.

Talked about cashing them in to pay into this years ISA’s and won £50 the next day.

Must talk about cashing them in more often.