Euro trips

I’ve got a long weekend next week with noting as yet planned, so was thinking about adding a couple of days to head over to Europe before Brexit makes it harder.
Currently thinking of going to Germany, via Belgium. I’m working Wednesday night (should be able to set off by midday), and need to be back in London for Wednesday morning.

Any recommendations on where to go/things to do/where to stay.

I did a lovely tour which could be done in an extended weekend like that.

We did:

Day 1: Calais > Geel (20 mins east of Antwerp) and stayed with friends in Geel.

Day 2: Geel > Luxembourg. I can’t remember were we stopped in Lux, just picked a hotel at random in the mountains. The Ardennes have some lovely biking roads.

Day 3: Lux > Wittlich-Land (in the Moselle valley).

Day 4: Wittlich-Land > Maastricht This takes you through the Eiffel mountains and some of the best biking roads I’ve ever found. Perfect surfaces, never ending curves, zero traffic. We were almost tempted to do a u-turn at Aachen and stay in the Eiffels.

Day 5: Maastricht > Ghent. Ghent is a nice town, worth seeing, but there are no great biking roads around. You could easily do Maastricht>Calais in one hit.

If the weather is forecast ok, I’d defo consider Ireland or Scotland too. Or maybe save them for post Brexit meltdown Britain :frowning:

Ooh, thanks Michael, that’s not far off what I had in mind already, though mine wasnt based any anything much really.

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I’m meant to be in Ireland at the moment, but that ride was canceled.
Ive done a couple of trips around Ireland, and Scotland is on my list that I keep meaning to do too (as is going onto the continent).

I am always partial to Ypres when I head across for weekend trips. Not too far to ride, and lovely little town. Also Ghent as above.

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The Vosges and the Black Forest should be within striking distance of a weekend

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Annoyingly I’ve looked at my calender and seen that I need to be in Bedfordshire on the Sunday, so that throws a spanner in the works for this.

Hopefully next year then