Euro trip 2011 stelvio pass switzerland

Hi guys/girls anyone here doing or planning a trip to the stelvio pass or similar this spring/summer?
Never done it am really keen to do it this year!

c;)heck out the “coming soon” thread.

Check out this thread :slight_smile:

Stelvio is cack and Rob is a flakey rider.:slight_smile:

Just our opinion you understand.

Now if you want a rideout to that road in Romania, contact Bricking it, he`s yer man for an Eastern European romp and a fine leader to boot.

We specialise in Western European nudism and fleshpots with a bit of extreme riding in between, so we may not be the ideal arbiters.

Though Rob is well flakey as a cruise of the forum will confirm.:smiley:

Stelvio Pass is in Italy, by the way:)

stelvio is pretty good and worth a look but its not a good biking road. Grosglockner (spelling wrong) is excellent and PLEASE I BEG YOU go via the B500 in germany and stay in sebach one of the guys on here runs a Bnb there. The roads and views are amazing!

I’m doing a europe trip this year but as i have done that area 2 years running i thinking of ferrying down to spain and hitting the spain and doing the mountains there. If not i may go over to amsterdam and ride (via the B500) to italy and do a tour of that.

Im happy to ride with other but its not a open invite so a coffee and chat first would be needed. I went last year on my own and met Gaz for 8 days in the middle as i was away for 2 and a bit weeks. Was excellent.

If you want any info PM me.

Pyranees and Monaco plus south of france for me this year :slight_smile:

Totally agree with rixxy on this, stelvio pass is not that exciting as a biking road and he’s dead right about Grossglockner pass, I found it to be the highlight of the Alps road trip.:wink:

I have a lunch date at the Col De La Bonette in August. I plan to stay at the Pension Williams place for one night before going down the B500 and onto the Lake Como and on to the Col. :slight_smile: Then a quick run back through France. :slight_smile:

Have fun on the highest road in europe, wish i could join you;)

That will be a great trip, i still havent made def plans as i need to see how much money i do not have after IOM!

But once i get defo planes i will keep you posted!

Col De La Bonette and Grossglockner High Alpine Road are on the itinery of my little jolly too :slight_smile:

Oh good I dont mind doing it twice. :smiley: (any dates for yours mo?):slight_smile:

yes Mark, PM sent:)

well i need to point my new steed in the direction of european roads this year, but where to go…

Try this one. :slight_smile:

A proper trip is in gestation. How about Nurburgring (before it closes) - Prague (just in case an LBer needs a stag party) - Auschwitz Museum (every european’s duty to visit) - Berlin, Amsterdam (why not?). I just need the time off. This is not a thread hijack :smiley: Grow a pair and do it. recommended health and efficiency. Totally buff. No exceptions. Will have you harder than a teenager on viagra.

calaise far enuf for ya trumpet dear that way you still near trumpet dealers :D:D